The Soveta Baltica UAB was founded in 1992. The Company started its activities in the area of production of various infusion and transfusion systems as well as extension lines. At the same time, development of other products was intensively implemented. It gave the Company the opportunity in 1993 to expand the range of products introducing the infusion systems with precise fluid flow controllers, central venous and thermodilution catheters and epidural systems. As one of our achievements, we can mention the fact that in 1997, the central vein catheterization kit "Sovecath" was recognized as the best Lithuanian product of the year by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

In 2002, an important strategic decision was made to supplement the range of products and start producing the polypropylene surgical mesh. We created advanced manufacturing technology which enables us to produce the mesh of various types and for different applications that may be distinguished from other similar products by their qualities. Soveta Baltica UAB is one of the few manufacturers on the market producing the surgical mesh with radiopaque properties. These properties ensure possibility to monitor the mesh after the surgery, and therefore play a vital role in predetermining the patient's further condition.

In 2011, Sofargen Spray, a unique and innovative product with silver sulfadiazine for the treatment of damaged skin, was developed and certified. Sofargen Spray is already patented in Europe and Russia, while patenting procedures in other countries are underway.

Our Company implements its activities in the company complex located near the centre of Vilnius. The total area of its production and administrative premises is 1,500 m2. Of these, the clean production premises in accordance to ISO 7 class comprise up to 100 m2, ISO 8 class – 150 m2, and ISO 9 class – 160 m2.

We have the possibility to expand the range of our medical devices based on both our own technologies and those provided by subcontractors.


Our more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of disposable devices helps us to understand the needs of our clients as well as changes and requirements of the clinical environment and to constantly search for the most effective ways to solve patients’ problems and propose those ways to medical professionals.  We strive to quickly and efficiently respond to consumers’ needs and consistently meet their requirements.  

Our goal is to uphold the highest standards in all our activities: in working with doctors, in dealing with patients, and in building up the welfare of the employees and the company.

We attach great importance to the upgrading and refurbishment of our production equipment and development of production technologies.